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Bethany's Bio

I've absolutely got to read and write. I'm hardwired that way, and I love it.

Since childhood, I’ve filled journals and world-built and sculpted characters. Let's just say I've read enough (and studied enough) to know what makes a powerful story. As both a world traveler and English teacher, my heart has been set on pilgrimage for years. I love dissecting languages while I build friendships and expand my cultural horizons. 

Home is with my family, wherever in the world we are. I teach my own four kids, two of whom are neck-deep in storyboarding and crafting their own novels. 

Represented by agent Julie Gwinn of the Seymour Agency, I spend my evenings writing my own novels and freelance editing. I'm a fan of good writing, period. I'm a member of the Christian Editor Connection, the Christian PEN, ACFW, My Book Therapy Voices, and the Light Brigade.

I want to help hard-working writers sound like gifted writers

So how do I do that?

First, I've been given an award for Grammar-nerdery. I believe an author's voice comes from knowing the rules well enough to break them with flair

Second, I dig into my love for Story, making sure every thread is woven consistently throughout the book. Pointing out ways to deepen and enrich the layers to make the theme sing

And most importantly, I respect your voice. I never want to make your story or your characters sound like me. Gently
and striving to help you laugh about it along the way
I comment and coach. And I welcome your questions and your opinion. Where it's not an issue of grammar, your opinion always matters.  

Finalist, ACFW Editor of the Year, 2015

Gold Member, Christian Editor Connection
Certified, Christian Editor Connection
Author, Strains of Silence, Harbourlight, coming summer 2017

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