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Erynn's Endorsements

Here's what my clients and a few paid actors had to say.

Erynn Newman’s got a great eye for everything from the fine details of a sentence to the bigger arcs of where a story needs to go. She’ll help your MS get where it needs to be. 
~Susan Kaye Quinn, best-selling author of the Indie Survival Guide and Kindle Book Review Top Five Finalist, Best Indie Books of 2012

I’ve worked with numerous editors, and I’ve found Bethany Kaczmarek and Erynn Newman to be the best editing team out there. A good editor is worth her weight in gold, but what Bethany and Erynn offer is priceless. They’re quick communicators, have a knack for finding plot holes and inconsistencies, and they are always challenging me to help me grow as a writer. They work best when hired as a team. Who doesn’t want a second pair of eyes on that final proof? It’s hard to find editors that care not only about my books, but also about me as a writer and my journey. 
~Chanda Hahn, New York Times & USA Today Bestselling author of Reign: An Unfortunate Fairy Tale

I’ve been working with Erynn for several years now, and I highly recommend hiring her for your next project! I love her communication style and her work ethic. I know that my story is in great hands when I send it over. She respects my style, yet suggests changes if the story needs it, and she finds all the places where I need to tighten up my prose. Erynn also has a sharp eye for the tiny details that many authors (and even other editors) sometimes miss. 
~Autumn KalquistUSA Today best-selling author of the Fractured Era Series  

I'm a major planner and over-thinker (and perfectionist), so when it came time to find a line editor, I looked at an embarrassingly high number of editors. Erynn Newman of A Little Red Ink got my voice immediately, and she has the editing skills to give me confidence that my work is the best it can be. In all honesty, however, I don't want to tell you Just. How. Awesome. she is ... *cough* ... because I want to keep her for myself. *grin* 
~Jami Gold, award-winning author of the Mythos Legacy Series

Erynn is a genius at catching dropped threads, watching movement and flow of a story while seamlessly encouraging the author with quirky and fun comments. I have been so impressed with her skills. She’s also top rate at casting characters. I have been so blessed by her! 
~Ronie Kendig, best-selling, award-winning author of Rapid Fire Fiction

Hands down, I'd work with Erynn on any project. Her sharp eye, patient instruction, and industry expertise are only half of what she contributes to assisting you in fine-tuning your story. As an author herself, she understands the nuances of crafting fiction, which might otherwise be overlooked in the editing process. Couple her skills with her humor and encouragement, and Erynn is a complete joy to partner with. 
~Crystal Walton, author of the Home in You and the Unveiled series

You know you’ve found a good editor when she actually understands what you’re trying to say even though you’ve never really said it. My manuscript had been through 50 billion beta readers and rewrites (that’s only a slight exaggeration) when Erynn and Bethany rescued it. Unlike anyone else, they grasped the part of the story I was trying to tell with subtlety, but could never really get across. Then they helped me reveal it with finesse and clarity, without ever losing the subtlety I was aiming for. The Little Red duo, working solo or in tandem, can work miracles on your manuscript. 
~Fiona ClaireDirector of the Ireland Writers Tours

I had the privilege of using Erynn Newman’s editing services, and I couldn’t have asked for a better product. She goes above and beyond. I was on a very tight time constraint and she delivered ... early!! She was quick to answer my inquiry, worked her schedule to fit me in, and the work itself was top notch. She not only edits, she educates–-but in a very friendly, nonjudgmental way. She taught me tricks and tools that I’m still using today to further improve my writing. I have since recommended her to others, will continue to recommend her as people ask me for references, as well as use her for my own projects. I was completely satisfied. She delivered a professional, thorough job! And I feel like I not only gained a well-written piece of work, but also a friend. 
~Cheri Swalwell, author of A 40 Day Habit Between Friends Devotionals

Erynn is a dream to work with. Fast, efficient, responsive, and easy to get along with. I especially liked that we worked on a short sample edit first so that I knew before committing if we would understand each other and could work together. 
~Paula McClean, publishing as Kai Strand, author of Worth the Effort

Erynn finds my weasel words and unravels my convoluted sentences. She gets grammar. She points out anything that jars her from the story, but she never tries to rewrite my voice. She is an all-around amazing line editor! 
~Amanda G. Stevens, author of the Haven Seekers Series

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