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Bethany's Endorsements

Here's the word on the street.

As an author with a dozen books traditionally edited and published (not all released yet), I found a true gem in Bethany Kaczmarek! This lady has got it going on—she is not a nitpicky editor who hassles the author over idiosyncratic things. She has a very keen eye — a gift — for tracking characterization, story content, plot fulfillment, flow, etc. Truly, her skills amazed me!  
~Ronie Kendig, best-selling, Christy award-winning author of
 Rapid-Fire Suspense and the Abiassa's Fire series

Bethany Kaczmarek has been instrumental in my development as a writer, guiding me from the earliest stages with her wisdom, insight, and gentle corrections to my stories. She has fantastic insight into characters, as well as a keen eye for sentences that need more clarity. I highly recommend their services! 

~Susan Kaye Quinn, best-selling author of The Mind Jack Trilogy, 
The Singularity Series, and the Indie Survival Guide, 

Working with Bethany has been one of the highlights of my career as a novelist. Her keen eye and expansive knowledge of the nuances of grammar made my book not only more readable, but more enjoyable. Her commentary helped me sharpen my skills and cut the fat from my prose. I have no doubt that my book is better because of her work on it. The process was enjoyable and educational, streamlined and efficient. We worked through multiple chapters of my work at a time. The approach made the process manageable, rather than overwhelming. Also, she was very aware of the genre. Since I was writing fantasy, she clarified many of the choices I made in regards to storyworld. At no point did she compromise my intentions for the sake of arbitrary grammar rules. Every suggestion was well documented, well founded, well researched, and well thought-out. I can't wait to work with her again. 

~Aaron Ganskyauthor of YA Fantasy series The Hand of Adonai, 
The Bargain, and Firsts in Fiction: First Lines 

I’ve worked with numerous editors, and I’ve found Bethany Kaczmarek and Erynn Newman to be the best editing team out there. A good editor is worth her weight in gold, but what Bethany and Erynn offer is priceless. They’re quick communicators, have a knack for finding plot holes and inconsistencies, and they are always challenging me to help me grow as a writer. They work best when hired as a team. Who doesn’t want a second pair of eyes on that final proof? It’s hard to find editors that care not only about my books, but also about me as a writer and my journey. 

~Chanda Hahn, New York Times & USA Today Bestselling author of 
The Unfortunate Fairy Tale Series

Bethany kept me laughing while editing and sought to preserve and cultivate my vision for the characters/plot. Her communications were regular and timely. Her feedback came in pieces, so I wasn't overwhelmed by the immensity of the entire project. These interactive edits left me feeling 100% certain I could stop listening to that voice at the back of my head permanently. And let's talk timetable here: this woman is wicked fast. 
~Crystal Collier, author of The Maiden of Time series

Erynn handles most of my editing, but I’m really happy I started having Bethany do a final proofread. I don’t think most authors realize how important a second set of eyes is. A fresh look can reveal missed errors (or errors introduced in a final pass), and I feel really good knowing that the book I publish is the best it can possibly be. It’s been well worth the extra investment. I also love that I’m working with two sisters who function as a team. They understand my style and stories, and it’s really valuable to have two editors who are knowledgeable about my world for a series that spans as many works as mine does. 
~Autumn Kalquist, bestselling author of 
the Fractured Era series `

Bethany Kaczmarek opened my eyes to a side of POV I’d never thought  about. Her edits are precise and accurate and she shares the whys with the hows. I highly recommend Bethany. Her work is amazing. 
~Cindy Sproles, author of Mercy's RainDirector of Writers Advance! Bootcamp, 
Acquisitions editor at Christian Devotions

A Little Red Ink was the perfect choice for me. Not only was Bethany's edit thorough and prompt, it was full of excellent ideas. And not only did she point out what needed work, she also pointed out what worked well. Added bonus? Some of her comments made me laugh. A Little Red, Inc. provides an invaluable service for a reasonable price. I'd highly recommend them. 

~Julie Musil, author of The Boy Who Loved Fire 
and The Summer of Crossing Lines

How do you become close friends with someone you’ve never met and who lives on the other end of the continent? In my case, it happened when I acquired the services of Bethany Kaczmarek. After four decades of writing for television, I decided to write a memoir. But despite having written hundreds of stories for broadcast, I was clueless how to navigate the perilous seas of publishing. Like a favorite professor, Bethany made learning fun while giving me solid suggestions that never would have crossed my mind. From my overall theme to punctuation to everything in between, she provided intelligent recommendations that I’m convinced will greatly increase my chances of success. In addition, she works fast, she’s a cheerleader, and most importantly, she insisted the words be in my voice - not hers. As a bonus, she’s got a great sense of humor to keep the process enjoyable. Bethany, if I develop a new TV show, I want to hire you to work with the writers! 

~Ken Davis, multi-Emmy-winning television producer

You know you’ve found a good editor when she actually understands what you’re trying to say even though you’ve never really said it. My manuscript had been through 50 billion beta readers and rewrites (that’s only a slight exaggeration) when Erynn and Bethany rescued it. Unlike anyone else, they grasped the part of the story I was trying to tell with subtlety, but could never really get across. Then they helped me reveal it with finesse and clarity, without ever losing the subtlety I was aiming for. The Little Red duo, working solo or in tandem, can work miracles on your manuscript. 
~Fiona Claire, author of The Path Through the Mist and 
Host of Ireland Writers Tours

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