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Before You Submit

Things You'll Need to Know 

If you're going the traditional route rather than braving the Indie Ocean, research your target agent or publishing company. Know what they want and how to deliver it to them. The more you know what you need from us, the better we can help you! 

Submissions should be emailed in Microsoft Word Documents (.doc or .docx), 12 pt. font, double-spaced, 1 inch margins (with the exception of proposals and One Sheets). 

Edits will be completed using the Track Changes Feature of MS Word. (Free Tutorial Here.)

PayPal, personal check, or money order (1/2 due up front). 

Though our business is evolving, we will never surprise our clients with hidden charges.

Wondering how to budget? Figure somewhere between $3-6 per page. We strongly recommend you do the hard work before submitting to us(so you can save money). But we're happy to help you with it if you like (so we can make money). If you've already put in serious proofreading and polishing time on your own, it will pay off. 

Recommend us to a friend, and get 10% off your next project.

*Special Deals and Fees

Are you hesitating?
For submissions greater than 25 pages, one of us will do the first three pages for free so you can decide if our brand of help is what you're looking for (and so we can decide how in depth an edit you need). 

Are you in a hurry?

We're fast, but we're not from Krypton. If our standard "hurry" needs to be amped up (say, a 48-hour turnaround on a proposal or ten days for a full MS), we've got to tack on a $50 fee for babysitters. Odds are, you won't need this. We're seriously fast. Still, we've got to let you know, just in case. 

What if you have questions during the process?

Shoot us an email. We're happy to answer questions, but remember that we're working hard to edit your work. 

We're happy to offer one over-the-phone consultation (up to 30 minutes), if live encouragement is to your liking. 

We'll even talk with you more than that and coach you through an edit or help you find the resources you need to improve your craft. These additional coaching sessions cost $10/half hour.

Get in touch.

If you want to shoot us a question before trusting your manuscript to us, we get that. You can contact us at alittleredink(at)gmail(dot)com.

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