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What Kind of Edit Do You Need?

The macro or substantive edit:
This is our assessment of your pacing, characterization and timeline issues. We look for plot holes, note inconsistencies and anything else that stands out. We'll also tell you what we love, because that's important, too. You're trusting us with your baby, and you've poured hours into this. (Okay, let's be honest. Months. Years, maybe.)  We want you to know what you do well--the lines and scenes readers will be replaying as they recommend your book to their friends. 

The copy edit:
This baby homes in on basic grammar, usage, and consistency. But here's something else: We know how to respect your unique voice and style while targeting scenes which need POV-deepening or phrasing that needs a tweak. We execute Weasel-Word-Seek-and-Destroy, analyze sentence structure, dialogue, and more.  

We'll also make sure your manuscript is all set according to standard industry formatting. The more professional and polished the product, the brighter you shine.

The line edit:

More intense than a copy edit, this gem includes stylistic input, paragraphing, word choice, and rhythm. If you want your writing to stick with people like a favorite song, this is what you're after. We'll also throw in some fact-checking and keep an eye on your language, making sure it's both era- and storyworld-appropriate. The goal is never to change author voice, but to strengthen and develop it so that it is unique and moving.

The final proofread: 

We read every word, carefully searching for typos, misspellings, incorrect punctuation, and other basic mistakes.

The combo:
We'll combine two or three of these if you need it! We're flexible like that. But if you hire one of us to do the macro or copy edit, we strongly recommend working with the other sister for your proofreading. A second set of eyes is invaluable.

If one or more of these packages appeals to you, click here. We can't wait to help you bring out the best in your writing!

We accept fiction of almost any genre, but we are not fact checkers. (Sorry, historical authors, we don't know what year corsets stopped being en vogue, or the etymology of the term "en vogue.") If something sounds iffy, though, we'll suggest you check up on it. Also, our love for fiction is diverse. There are seriously few genres that don't interest us. However, we won't read erotica. 

Sample Edits and Estimates

For submissions greater than 25 pages, one of us will do the first three pages for free so you can decide if our brand of help is what you're looking for (and so we can decide how in depth an edit you need).

Otherwise, contact us using this form, and give us a chance to learn about your work, answer your questions, and give you an estimate. You are always welcome to pay for an hour's worth of our time, and then decide what you'd like to do from there.




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